Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:  Is there an entry fee?

  • A:  There is no entry fee.

Q: Is talking during the performance allowed?

  • A: Yes, talking is allowed and encouraged, as long as it enhances the performance.  It will be judged under the Entertainment category, and will be counted as part of your 8-minutes of performance time.

Q: Do we have to sing Barbershop music?

  • A: No.  All forms of acappella music are welcomed.

Q:  May we sing Barbershop music?

  • A: Certainly.

Q: How are we judged?

  • A: You will be judged on entertainment value, harmonic variety and complexity, rhythmic mastery, stage mastery, and in-tune, quality singing.  Judges will include experienced a cappella singers and music professionals.

Q: May we use musical instruments?

  • A: Um… it is an a cappella contest.  You may use a tuning device in order to start the songs, but any other use of musical instruments will be penalized.

Q:  Will there be a sound system?

  • A: Yes.  You will have the choice of up to 6 individual handheld mics, or a fixed mic (or mics) on a stand.  If you are a larger group working from risers, you will have choral mics as well.

Q:  Could we win 2 years in a row?

  • A:  If your group wins the championship on three occasions, the group is retired from contest eligibility.

Q:  How many song do we sing and now long should we be on stage?

  • A: Contestants will sing two songs.  There is an 8 minute maximum performance time limit.