Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

 Q: Is talking during the performance allowed?

 A: Yes, talking is allowed and encouraged, as long as it enhances the performance.  It will be judged under the Stage Mastery and Entertainment category, and will be counted as part of your 8-minutes of performance time.  You may be penalized for advertising your products from the stage, for example.  However, if you let us know, we will ask our MC to help “plug” your merchandise, and you may certainly plug your products if you WIN and sing on the evening show!

 Q: How are we judged?

A:  You will be judged on entertainment value, harmonic variety and complexity, rhythmic elements, stage mastery, and in-tune, quality singing.  Judges will include experienced a cappella singers and music professionals.  The judging criteria are posted on

 Q: May we use musical instruments?

A: Um… it is an a cappella contest.  You may use a tuning device in order to start the songs, but any other use of musical instruments will be penalized.

 Q:  Will there be a sound system?

A:  Yes.  You will have the choice of up to 6 individual handheld mics, as well as fixed area mics on a stand.  If you are a larger group working from risers, you will have choral mics.

 Q:  What time should we be there?

A:  Groups may complete a sound check between 10:00AM and 12:00PM Saturday.  First come, first served.  A representative of QCED will take your group name and assign you a spot in the queue.  You will have a maximum of 10 minutes on stage for the sound check.


 For more information, contact Mike Menefee