Judging Categories and Criteria

There are 6 categories.  Each will be scored from zero to ten.


Category 1:  In-tune singing

Reward groups for the accuracy of their intonation.


Category 2:  Vocal production

Reward groups for quality vocal production.


Category 3:  Harmonic variety and complexity

Reward groups for use of harmonic elements.  In the complexity element, you have leeway to reward for appropriate complexity.  Very simple harmonies may be perfectly suited to a particular song.  Similarly, you may feel a song is over-arranged, i.e., too complex.  Or you may use this as a “degree of difficulty” measure to reward for more challenging performances.


Category 4:  Rhythmic elements

Reward groups for mastery / control of rhythmic elements.


Category 5:  Stage Mastery

Reward performers for their aplomb.  Consider how they take advantage of the stage, deal with difficulties, enjoy their time on the stage, handle the mics, talk with / to the audience and each other, accept applause, etc.


Category 6:  Entertainment

Reward groups for their emotional impact and connection with the audience.  You may use this category for that “special something” that did not seem to fit into the other categories.

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